Play Zerline Solitaire Online for Free (No Signup Required)

Zerline is a fun Solitaire variation and is free to play online. A feature-rich full-screen card game with daily challenges, winnable deals, hints, and undo's. Zerline Game Layout

The game is medium in difficulty, with a 55% chance of winning. It is played with two decks, and your odds of victory are primarily determined by your talent.

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Have a good time playing!

How to play Zerline Solitaire


8 foundation piles: Build up in suit starting with Kings, then Aces, and finally Queens.

8 tableau piles: Build down in any suit. Only one card can be moved at a time. Only Queens occupy the available spaces. At the start of the game, each pile is given 5 cards face-up.

Stock: Click to turn over 1 card at a time to the garbage. There are no redeals.

Waste: Top card is accessible for play on the foundations or tableau.

Reserve: A storage area for up to four cards. Only the top card can be played on the foundations or tableau. Any accessible tableau card may be played to the reserve.