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Play Spider Solitaire online for free. Challenge yourself with daily challenges and winnable deals. A feature-rich game with hints and undo's.

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This game is the easiest of all of the Spider Solitaire games. Only one suit is used in this game, so you don't have to consider suit colors when moving around cards.

We've stuck to the original game's gameplay, modernized the design, and added a bunch of features to improve the game. If you're feeling up for a challenge, you can deal a random shuffle or complete the daily challenge, and if you're in the mood for a more light-hearted game, you can start a winnable deal.

Our game also features unlimited hints and undo's, to help you along when you feel stuck. Under the settings menu, you can toggle sound, autoplay, change the design, and much more, to customize the game to your playing style.

If you find this game to be a bit too easy for your taste, you should try our Solitaire Classic, and if you're really looking to challenge yourself, then playing Spider Solitaire 2 Suits will be a perfect fit for you!

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Enjoy the game!

Five star review

Great game that makes you use your brain cells. Good for entertainment while waiting for appointments.

Karina Serrano

Five star review

I can play anytime just to relax my mind and don't have to be pressured into playing. Very relaxing.

Mila Williamson

Spider Solitaire Rules

Unlike other types of Patience card games, this game is played with two decks of cards. If you're playing with physical cards, you should first go through the decks and make sure that all instructional cards and jokers are out of the pack. Once you've done that, give those cards a good shuffle. You should now be ready to set up the game!

How To Set Up Spider

Step 1: Layout ten cards face down next to each other, starting from left to right. You now have ten rows on the board, also known as tableaus. Next, place another ten cards, face down on top of the ten cards you've just put down. Keep doing this until you have four cards in each tableau. Next, you should place a card facing down on each of the first four tableaus, and on the following six tableaus, put a card facing up. All there's left to do now is to place a card facing up on the initial four cards.

Illustration of Spider game setup

Step 2: After laying out all the cards, you should have a pile of cards leftover. This pile is called the stock and will be used throughout the game. Place the card above the first tableau. You should also leave room for eight additional piles, which we call the foundation.

Illustration of how to play spider solitaire free

Now you've set up the game, and you're ready to learn how to play it!

How To Play Spider Solitaire

Step 1: To win, you need to have all your cards end up on the foundation. Once all your cards are on the foundation piles, you've won the game! The rules are pretty straightforward. You can move any card facing up to any other card on the tableau, as long as the card being moved is one lower than the card it's being moved to. You can also move a sequence of cards, as long as they're in descending order, of the same suit and the bottom card is one lower than the card it's being moved to. If a face-down card becomes the top card when a move is made, you should turn it face up once the move is made.

When playing, the general strategy is to build up as many sequences as possible on the tableau.

Illustration of spidersolitaire objective

Step 2: Once no more available moves are left, it's time to turn your attention to the stock. Grab the top ten cards from the stock and put down a face-up card on each tableau.

Illustration of how to use spider game stock

Step 3: Your tableaus will now have a random card from the stock as its top card. After this is done, you should check if there are any new moves you can make. If none are present, you can repeat the procedure and grab another ten cards from the stock.

Illustration of grabbing ten cards from the stock

Step 4: If a tableau is empty, you can move any card or sequence of cards to the empty spot.

Illustration of moving card to empty tableau

Step 5: The game's goal is to create sequences of descending cards, starting from the king and ending with the ace. These sequences should be of the same suit to be eligible to move to the foundation.

Illustration of basic rules

Step 6: Once you have a complete sequence of cards, you can pat yourself on the back and move it to one of the foundations.

Illustration of moving cards to foundation

Step 7: Once you've used all the cards in your stock and moved all cards to the foundations, then you've won!

Illustration of winning game

You should now know the rules. This game can be a bit tricky, which is why we've also written a few tips on how to win the game. Best of luck!

Five star spider solitaire online review

I have never played a more addictive game. It is simple, straightforward and FUN.

Carrie Grimes

Five star review

It is fun and handy to be able to play a little game as I sit in the doctor's office for my 92-year-old parents.

Camille Harmon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please reach out to us at contact@online-solitaire.com if you still have unanswered questions after reading through our FAQ.

What Is Spider Solitaire?

It's a Patience game, much like Klondike or FreeCell. It was first popularized by Microsoft and was released with their Windows 95 operating system, where most people today know it. It is considered one of the more challenging types of Patience games, and a good deal of strategy and luck is needed to win the game.

How Do You Set Up Spider Solitaire?

Two full decks are used in this game. So there are a total of 104 cards. When a new game is started, 54 cards are divided into ten tableaus. Each of the first four tableaus has five cards, and each of the following tableaus has five cards. Each tableau's top card is turned face up, while the others stay face down. The remaining 50 cards are placed in the stock's upper left corner of the screen.

How Do You Play Spider Solitaire?

Cards can always be moved to a higher-ranking card. For example, if you have seven clubs, you can put it on eight clubs, eight of hearts, diamonds, or spades. As a result, multiple suits of cards can be stacked on top of one other. The game's goal is to make runs of cards from ace to king in the same suit. Once you have a complete sequence of cards, they can be moved to the foundation. Only if the sequence of cards is of the same suit will this happen.

If all of the cards in a run have the same suit, you can move them all simultaneously. For example, if you have the eight of spades through the six of spades, you can click and drag them all to a nine of any suit. You can't move them together if you have the eight of clubs, the seven of diamonds, and the six of something else. After that, you'll have to move them one at a time.

You can move any card or partial run to an empty tableau spot if you have one.

When you have no more moves to make on the tableau, you can click on the stock in the top left corner. That will move ten cards from the stock down to the tableaus, placing one card on each tableau. We don't recommend doing this before you're completely sure there are no moves left.

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