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Pyramid is a fun Solitaire variation and is free to play online. A feature-rich full-screen card game with daily challenges, winnable deals, hints, and undo's. Pyramid Game Layout

With a triangle tableau, this is a traditional pair-removal game.

This game is called "Treize" by AisleRiot, which is the French term for "thirteen."

If you enjoy Pyramid, you should try Spider Solitaire, a traditional solitaire card game.

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Enjoy yourself!

How to play Pyramid Solitaire


There are twenty-eight cards in the pyramid. The first card is dealt. Then, in a second row that overlaps the preceding row, two cards are dealt. The third row receives three cards, the fourth row receives four cards, the fifth row receives five cards, the sixth row receives six cards, and the seventh row receives seven cards. Every card is dealt face-up.

On the pyramid, no construction is authorized.

Cards on the pyramid that are not underneath another card are playable.

The pyramid's empty slots may not be filled.

Stock and waste:

There is one garbage pile and the remaining cards comprise the stock.

When you click on the stock, one card from the stock is dealt to the garbage. The top card of the stock is face-up and ready for matching with cards in the trash or elsewhere if the other card is chosen first. There are three trips through the stock allowed.

The top waste card is now ready for play.