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Play Russian Solitaire online for free. We hope you'll like our version of Russian Solitaire, also known as Derek and Mother's Solitaire. You can play either online or ⬇️download the game for Windows™, Mac™, Linux™, iOS, and Android.

The game features unlimited undo's and hints. You can toggle sound, set the game to move cards automatically, and a lot more under settings. If you don't know the rules, we've summed them up in our 📜rules of Russian Solitaire section. You can also create an embeddable version of the game by using our 📋widget generator.

We hope you'll like our game. If you do, try out one of our many other classic solitaire games like Klondike, Spider and FreeCell.

Game was last updated: 23 Jan, 2022.

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Download Russian Solitaire for free

Play Russian Solitaire for free on your Windows™, Mac™, Linux™, Android, or iOS. Download Russian Solitaire now for free.

📜Rules of Russian Solitaire

The setup:

Russian Solitaire is played with a single deck. The layout consists of 7 tableau piles, numbered 1 to 7. The first pile has a single card turned face up. The second tableau has 6 cards, with the last 5 cards facing up. The remaining 5 tableaus each have 1 extra card, with each tableau having 5 cards facing up.

The objective:

The objective of the game is to get all the cards to end up on the 4 foundation piles. The foundation piles are ordered by both rank and color. Each foundation must have cards placed on it in order (ace first, two, three, etc). When all cards are on the foundation, the game is won.


  • Move one or more cards from one tableau to another: You can move one or several cards from one tableau to another if the rank of the first card in the pile is one higher than the tableau you're moving to and the color is opposite of the card being moved.
  • Move a card from the foundation back to the tableau: If you need to, you can move a card from the foundation back onto the tableau.
  • You can move a tableau card onto the foundations: You can do this manually or let it happen automatically. This can be configured under settings.

Create a Russian Solitaire widget

With our embed generator, you can create a free embeddable version of our game for your own website, WordPress site, or blog. You can even customize colors and add your own logos on the back of cards.

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