Play Klondike Solitaire Turn 1 Online for Free (No Signup Required)

Klondike Turn 1 is the third most popular game of Patience. It is a great game to warm up with. So get ready for a cozy time, just you and this free classic Solitaire game.

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Klondike turn one is a very rewarding game. On average, forty-three percent of the deals are won, and it takes a little more than six minutes to play it. So you just get cracking!

Turn one is somewhat easier than Solitaire Turn Three. However, you still get to challenge yourself and develop your strategic muscles.

It has all the features you could want from the classic Solitaire card game, and it's free, so you don't ever have to pay for anything. You can download the game or play solitaire online, whatever you prefer. Either way, you can choose a winnable deal, a random shuffle, or the daily challenge. And you get unlimited hints and undo's, so help is only a click away.

Have fun, and stay sharp!


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Five star Klondike Solitaire review

You don't even notice that this game of Patience is wearing on your Patience because you get so into it that you forget time and place.

Billy Mattson

Five star Klondike Solitaire review

When I'm bored, this is my go-to game. It cures every bit of boredom in a jiffy.

Becky Kincaid

How to play Klondike Solitaire Turn 1

Playing Klondike 1 turn is just like playing Klondike 3 turn - only a lot easier to win. If you need detailed instructions on how to play the game, please check out my thorough tutorial on how to play Solitaire.

What's special about Klondike Turn 1 is that it only shows one card at a time from the stock. That means you will see every card there and have a much better chance of finding every useful card immediately.

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Take it easy as you look through the tableau to find out if and where the card from the stock can be placed. When moving cards, you move a black card onto a red and vice versa. When placing a card on another card, that sequence of cards must be ordered by rank from high to low. So you can put a nine of diamonds upon a 10 of clubs and that upon a knight of hearts.

Rules for how to play classic Solitaire

In the end, all cards should be stacked on the four foundation piles. Here, they must be organized in the same color and in running order from ace to King. When an ace appears either from the stock or from the tableau, you can move it to its place on the foundation. This can be done either manually or automatically by clicking autoplay in settings. When the next card in the row appears - whoopty! that goes on top of the foundation.

Your winning chances are great, but your chances get even greater if you check out my tips on how to win the game.

Good luck!