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Play Spider Solitaire 2 Suits online for free. Challenge yourself with daily challenges and winnable deals. A feature-rich game with hints and undo's.

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This is the most popular Spider Solitaire game. Playing with two suits offers a medium playing challenge of the three most popular versions. The game first entered pop culture when Microsoft introduced it with Windows 95 and has been loved ever since.

If you like the game but find it a bit too hard, you should give our classic Spider Solitaire or FreeCell a chance. On the contrary, if you find it too easy, you might want to stick to this Solitaire Classic!

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Five star review

My great-grandmother taught me to play this game. I play to relax and think about how to solve life's issues!

Emily Muir

Five star review

This game is a delightful way to spend time on a break or to relax.

Evelina Wyatt

Two Suit Spider Solitaire Rules

Playing Spider Solitaire with two suits is much the same as playing with one suit, the most common Spider Patience type. You can even apply the same strategies to the game since the goal is the same. If you want to brush up on the rules, you can read through our thorough guide on how to play Spider Solitaire. Once you've got a hang of the rules, you should take a look at our tips and trick on how to win the game.

To play Spider 2 suits you'll need two pairs of decks. Pick out all the hearts and spades from both decks, and combine them into a deck of itself. Playing Spider Solitaire with two suits makes the game a lot more challenging that playing with one suit since you can only move sequences of cards if the whole sequence are of the same suit. Which means that a card can be moved onto another card of a different suit than the card being moved to. But, the sequence of cards the two cards add up two can't be moved since they have different suits.

Best of luck winning!

Five star one suit spider solitaire review

This game is so relaxing and rewarding. Easy to play and take your mind off daily affairs.

Luther Hebert

Five star spider solitaire 1 suit review

I love this game. It's awesome and calming when I need a break from a chaotic everyday life!

Dolly Doherty

All the Games You Could Possibly Want

This Spider Solitaire 2 suits contains all the features you could want from this classic Patience game. Below you'll see some of our favorite ones.

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Challenge Yourself

You can challenge yourself with daily challenges and keep track of how many of the challenges you've completed successfully every month. The daily challenges consist of games that have already been won, so you have no excuse for not winning a day!

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Let the Game Do the Work for You

The game has an autoplay feature that will help you make automatic moves in the game. Automatic moves can be set to three different settings. It can either be off, in which case no moves will be made, it can be set to "when obvious" which will make the cards move when a move is obvious, and it can be set to "when won" which will only move when it is detected that the game will be won.

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Unlimited Free Games

All games are free to play, whether random shuffles, winning deals, or daily challenges. The most challenging type of game is a random shuffle, so pick that if you're looking for a difficult game.