Hi there! My name is Holger, a designer-turned-developer from Denmark, and I'm the creator of Online Solitaire. I've always had a fondness for solitaire games and have been in the business of creating them for over 10 years.

Ever since I made my first solitaire game for the Mac App Store and experienced how happy people were with them, I've been hooked on making the best possible version of these card games.

I made Online Solitaire a few years back and have continuously updated it based on feedback that I've gotten from all the people who've played the game. Currently, more than 130 million games of Klondike Solitaire, FreeCell, and Spider Solitaire have been played on the site, and people come back every day to play another round of patience. Currently, more than 1 million people visit the site every month, and they play more than 4 million games.

I have a fondness for playing solitaire myself, and I really think that playing it helps me relieve a lot of daily stress and keep my mind sharp. My grandma was the first person to introduce me to solitaire when I was a child, and to this day, she still plays solitaire as part of her daily routine.

I hope that all you solitaire lovers out there, old and young, novice and experts, will enjoy my games. If you have any suggestions on how the site can be improved or if you've found a bug, please don't hesitate to contact me at contact@online-solitaire.com.

All the best and enjoy the games,

Holger Sindbaek


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