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Gargantua is a free online game. A game with a lot of features and amazing gameplay. Gargantua Game Layout

Albert Morehead and Geoffrey Mott-Smith created a two-deck version of Klondike. You receive two trips through the deck, each dealing one card at a time. The game is simple, with an 86% chance of winning. It is played with two decks, and your odds of victory are primarily determined by your skill and luck.

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How to play Gargantua


8 foundation piles (across the top) - build up from Ace to King in suit.

9 tableau piles (below foundations) - alternate color construction. Cards in sequence down by alternate color can be moved as a group. Only Kings or lawful groupings of cards lead by a King can fill spaces (see KingOnly for option). To begin the game, one card is dealt to the first pile, two cards to the second, and so on. The top card is revealed.

Stock (bottom left, face down) - click to turn over 1 card to the garbage. One more transaction.

Top card available for play on the foundations or tableau (next to stock).


There are eight foundation piles.

Any ace in the foundation may be transferred to any vacant pile.

A card may be added to a foundation pile if it is one higher than the pile's previous top card and is of the same suit. As a result, the only card that could be played on a Q of diamonds is a K of diamonds. There can be no more than 13 cards in a pile.

Cards cannot be taken from the foundation after they have been placed.


There are nine tableau piles, with one card in the first pile, two cards in the second, three cards in the third, and so on. The top card in each pile is dealt face up, while the remaining cards are dealt face down.

A card may be added to a tableau pile if it is one lower than the pile's previous top card and is of the opposing color. As a result, the cards that might be played on J of diamonds are 10 of spades or 10 of clubs.

Cards on the tableau that are not covered by another card are free to be played onto the foundation or any other tableau pile.

Only kings may fill empty spots in the tableau.

If the cards are alternately red and black, groups of cards in succession down can be shifted from one tableau column to another.

Stock and waste:

There is one garbage pile and the remaining cards comprise the stock.

When you click on the stock, one card from the stock is dealt to the garbage. There are two trips through the stock allowed.

The top card of the trash can be played to the tableau or foundation.