Fifteens Solitaire: Play Online for Free (No Signup Required)

Fifteens is a free online game. A game with a lot of features and amazing gameplay. Fifteens Game Layout

A basic game in which you eliminate sets of four tens, four jacks, four queens, or four kings that total up to 15. The game is simple, with a 95% chance of winning. It is played with a single deck, and your odds of victory are mainly determined by chance.

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How to play Fifteens


There are 16 tableau piles, with the top card accessible for play. Sets of cards with rankings that sum up to 15 are discarded. As a set, the tens, jacks, queens, and kings are eliminated (10-J-Q-K). Spaces in the stock are automatically filled. To discard a set of cards, place each card in the lower left reserve pile. When a 10-J-Q-K set is created, or when cards of rank 9 or below sum up to 15, the cards are tossed to the garbage pile. Any number of rank 9 or below cards can be utilized to create a set that adds up to 15. Pairs of cards that sum up to 15 (9-6, 8-7) can be discarded quickly simply dropping one on top of the other. At the start of the game, each pile is dealt one card face up.

Stock (left, face down) - fills gaps in the tableau.

(Far right) waste Where matched cards are removed from play.

Reserve (bottom left) - where card sets are generated.


There is just one foundation pile on which deleted cards are arranged.


There are sixteen tableau piles of one card each. Every card is dealt face up.

On the tableau, no construction is authorized.

The cards on the tableau are playable.

Empty tableau spots are immediately filled with a card from the stock. If the stock is empty, the tableau's empty spots may not be filled.


The stock is made up of the leftover cards.

Cards cannot be withdrawn from the stock manually.