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Yukon is a fun Solitaire variation and is free to play online. A feature-rich full-screen card game with daily challenges, winnable deals, hints, and undo's. Yukon Game Layout

A common one-deck solitaire game called Yukon has some similarities to Klondike. Similar to Klondike, the tableau is dealt out, with the exception that all 52 cards are dealt out at once. The first card is dealt face up, and then cards are dealt as in Klondike (1 card to the first pile, 2 cards to the second pile, and so on to the remaining 6 heaps). The remaining cards are then dealt face up to the second through seventh piles.

Yukon is unique in that you can rearrange groups of cards in the tableau regardless of the order they appear in. This implies that any face-up card, regardless of how deeply buried, may be moved by picking it up along with all the cards atop it. Similar to Klondike, the tableau is constructed by alternate colors, and the goal is to slide cards up to the foundations.

If you enjoy Yukon, you should try Spider Solitaire, a traditional solitaire card game.

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How to play Yukon Solitaire


4 foundation piles: 4 foundation piles (top right) are constructed from Ace to King, according to suit.

7 tableau piles: Build down from the foundations in seven tableau heaps using an alternating hue. Regardless of the order, move card groups. Place Kings or groupings of cards with Kings as the leader in empty spots. The first pile in the game receives one card, the second pile receives two cards, and so on. Face up is the top card. The second through seventh piles is then given 4 more face-up cards.


4 piles for the foundation.

To any empty pile in the foundation, any ace may be moved.

If a card is one higher than the previous top card in the pile and the same suit, it may be added to the foundation pile.

Therefore, a K would be the only card that could be played on a Q.

Cards cannot be taken from the foundation after being placed there.


Seven card tableau piles are set up as shown below, with "D" standing for a face-down card and "U" for a face-up card.

If a card is of the opposite color and one lower than the previous top card in the tableau pile, it may be added to the pile.

Therefore, 4 or 4 would be the cards that could be played on a 5.

The foundation or any other tableau pile may be played with any cards on the tableau that are not below another card.

Only kings may place objects in the tableau's empty slots.

Additionally, all cards that were on top of any face-up card anywhere in the tableau may be transferred with it to another tableau column if it fits.