Manx Solitaire: Play Solitaire Online for Free (No Signup Required)

Manx is a free online game. A game with a lot of features and amazing gameplay. Manx Game Layout

In this game created by Rick Holzgrafe of Solitaire Til Dawn, you must create full sequences by rearranging four piles regardless of suit.

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Have a good time playing!

How to play Manx


There is one foundation pile.

Single cards are never allowed to be moved to the foundation. Only once you've built a complete sequence on the tableau, thirteen cards in order from ace to king, can you transfer it to the foundation.

Cards cannot be taken from the foundation after they have been placed.


Splayed downward, four tableau piles of one card each. Every card is dealt face-up.

A card may be added to a tableau pile if it is one lower than the pile's previous top card and of any suit. As a result, the only card that might be played on a 4 is a 3. In the tableau, you may also play kings on aces.

Cards on the tableau that aren't covered by another card can be played onto an empty cell or any other tableau pile.

Any card can fill an empty slot in the tableau.

Regardless of their suits, groups of cards in succession from high to low may be transferred from one tableau column to another.


The stock is made up of leftover cards.

When you click on the stock, a card is dealt to the top of each tableau pile.