Play Eleven Triangle Solitaire Online for Free (No Signup Required)

Eleven Triangle is a fun Solitaire variation and is free to play online. A feature-rich full-screen card game with daily challenges, winnable deals, hints, and undo's. Eleven Triangle Game Layout

A simplified form of Triangle in which we omit couples that sum up to eleven. The game is difficult, with a 5% chance of winning. It is played with a single deck, and your odds of victory are mainly determined by chance.

The game is comparable to others such as Triangle, Pyramid, and Eleventh Heaven.

If you enjoy Eleven Triangle, try original Solitaire, a classic solitaire card game.

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Enjoy the game!

How to play Eleven Triangle Solitaire


Pyramid: An inverted pyramid of 28 cards. Only exposed cards can be used to play. Remove any pairings of cards whose rankings sum up to 11. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are discarded in groups of two. Drop one card on top of the other to discard a pair of cards.

Stock: Click to roll over cards one at a time to each garbage pile. There are no redeals.

3 waste piles: The top card is playable.


Eight cards in the pyramid. First, seven consecutive cards are dealt. After then, six cards are dealt in a second row that overlaps the preceding row. The third row receives five cards, the fourth row receives four cards, the fifth row receives three cards, the sixth row receives two cards, and the seventh row receives one card. Every card is dealt face-up.

On the pyramid, no construction is authorized.

Cards on the pyramid that are not underneath another card are playable.

The pyramid's empty slots may not be filled.

Stock and waste:

There are three garbage piles and the remaining cards make up the stock.

When you click on the stock, one card from the stock is dealt to the garbage. The top card of the stock is face-up and ready for matching with cards on the trash-pile or elsewhere if the other card is chosen first. There can only be one trip through the stock.

The top waste cards are accessible for play.