Elementeo Solitaire: A science-focused card game for young and old alike

Play classic solitaire while learning all the most important elements in the periodic table. Elementeo, the classic chemistry-focused card game, has been revived to help people learn all about the elements while having fun!

Screenshot of Elementeo solitaire game

I'm happy to announce the merger of Elementeo.com with Online-Solitaire.com. You can read more about the acquisition here. The Elementeo card game is an old favorite of mine that I played back in high school. The game helped me in my chemistry classes, so when I got the chance to acquire Elementeo.com, it was a no-brainer.

Since then, I've been hard at work reviving the classic card game. The goal of the game is to make it fun to learn the periodic table, so it's been a perfect fit for Online Solitaire. It took some time, but I'm really happy with the result. The game is not only fun to play but will help you learn all the basics of the elements, from their symbols to their electron count. It even has great illustrations that'll help you immediately associate an element with something in the real world. You can read more about the process of creating the game below.

The game is available in three different solitaire versions that you can switch between from the top left game menu. So no matter if your favorite solitaire game is Solitaire, Spider Solitaire or FreeCell, you'll have plenty of opportunities to learn the periodic system while having fun.

I hope you'll have lots of great fun and learn a lot with this new game!

Five start review

I play Elementeo with my grandkid and he loves it. It's a fun way for him to learn about the elements.

Roland Hilton

Five star review

I never thought I'd be brushing up on my high-school chemistry by playing solitaire. Love it!

Rhian Reeve

The making of the new Elementeo card game

The graphics of the original Elementeo card game was what made the game so fun in the first place. To keep the spirit of the game alive, I've not only filled the new version with as much information as the old game, but I've jam-packed it full of illustrations as well.

The awesome periodic table made by Keith Enevoldsen has been a great inspiration in creating this new version of the game.

Re-designing Elementeo as a Solitaire game

The original version of the game had great illustrations that not only sparked the imagination but also gave people something tangible to remember a certain element by. That is one of the elements that I wanted to keep in the new version. Remembering text can be hard and especially if that text is a name without much context. That's why illustrations are such an important element in a learning game like this.

Illustrations showing the old Elementeo game

Besides great illustrations, the original version of the cards had all the basic information on the specific elements. The name of the element, the symbol and the electron count. They were even colored in a way that indicated whether the element was a gas, a solid or a liquid.

The last thing that I really took notice of when looking at the old game was the paragraph below the illustration. Everyone might not have the patience to read it, but there is a lot of awesome information that explains what makes that specific element interesting.

When re-designing the game, I took all the above into consideration, and I'm really happy with the result. Designing for an online card game left me less room to play with, but I managed to keep all the elements discussed above. All the basic information on the elements is there, along with the name of the elements.

Illustration showing the new version of Elementeo solitiare

When looking at the new cards, you get an immediate association because of the illustration. If you're more curious, there's a nicely crafted text below the illustration that'll inform you of all the common uses of the element. The colors of the background indicate which group the element belongs to, and the illustration in between the basic information indicates whether the element is a gas, a solid or a liquid.

I hope you'll like the new design. I'm always open to feedback, so if you have some, please write me!