Elementeo is a chemistry card game that was created by Anshul Samar back in 2007, when he was only 13 years old, as a way to help people learn the periodic table. Back then, I was in high school and ended up buying the game as a way of brushing up on the periodic table. The game really helped me a lot outside of my chemistry classes, so when I got the chance to buy Elementeo.com, I took it. I'm therefore thrilled to announce the merger of Elementeo with Online Solitaire.

My goal with the acquisition is to keep the spirit of the old game alive, which is to give people a fun way to get acquainted with the periodic table. After a lot of thought, hard work and programming, I'm finally ready to release the new version of the Elementeo card game. The new card game will help you learn many of the most common elements in the periodic system, along with their symbols, atomic number, and most common uses. It even has funny little illustrations that will help you make an association to the element straight away.

The new game comes in three different varieties to fit everyone's taste: A Solitaire version, a Spider Solitaire version and a FreeCell version. I really hope you'll like this new version of this classic card game and that it'll help you learn the periodic table just as much as it did me.

The official acquisition date is June 1, 2022, and the launch date of the revamped Elementeo card game is June 9, 2022.

About Elementeo.com

Elementeo was started by Anshul Samar at the young age of 13. Back then, he had a goal of injecting fun back into education, and the result of that goal was the card game Elementeo. He created the game along with a couple of friends and managed to create a game that was both a joy to play and would make you knowledgeable in the field of chemistry.

About Online-Solitaire.com

Online Solitaire is a website that was created by me, Holger Sindbaek, more than ten years ago. I created the website because I've loved solitaire ever since my grandma taught me the game. I wanted to create a version of solitaire that could be played for free online, and that would be so user-friendly that young and old people alike would enjoy playing it. With the release of the new Elementeo game, you will be able to not only enjoy solitaire, but also learn a thing or two.