Play Chinese Spider Solitaire Online for Free (No Signup Required)

Chinese Spider is a fun Solitaire variation and is free to play online. A feature-rich full-screen card game with daily challenges, winnable deals, hints, and undo's. Chinese Spider Game Layout

Spider in three disguises. The game consists of four customized decks and has an 80% chance of winning. It's played with four modified decks (no clubs), and your odds of victory are primarily determined by your talent.

The game is comparable to Spider Solitaire, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suits, Big Spider, and Chinese FreeCell.

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Enjoy playing!

How to play Chinese Spider Solitaire


12 tableau piles: Build down in any suit. Cards in sequence down in the same suit can be moved as a group. Any card or legal collection of cards can fill a slot. At the start of the game, each pile is given 6 cards. The top card is shown.

Stock: By clicking on the Stock, you can deal one card to each tableau pile. Before dealing, all tableau piles must be full.


There are twelve foundation piles.

Single cards are never allowed to be moved to the foundation. Only once you've built a complete sequence on the tableau, thirteen cards in order from ace to king, can you transfer it to the foundation.

Cards cannot be taken from the foundation after they have been placed.


Splayed downhill, twelve tableau piles of six cards each. The top card in each pile is dealt face-up, while the remaining cards are dealt face-down.

A card may be added to a tableau pile if it is one lower than the pile's previous top card and of any suit. As a result, the cards that may be played on the 7 of spades are the 6 of spades, the 6 of hearts, or the 6 of diamonds.

Cards on the tableau that are not covered by another card can be played onto any other tableau pile.

Any card can fill an empty slot in the tableau.

If all cards are of the same suit, groups of cards in succession from high to low may be moved from one tableau column to another.


The stock is made up of leftover cards.

When you click on the stock, a card is dealt to the top of each tableau pile. Before you may deal cards, the tableau piles must be full.