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Play for free on the internet. This free classic game has been updated to be more modern and beautiful. ⬇️Download for Windows™, Mac™, Linux™, iOS™, or Android™.

Our games come with an unlimited number of undos and hints. Under settings, you can adjust the volume, set autoplay, turn three cards at once or one at a time, and much more.

If you don't know 📜how to play solitaire, we've summarized the rules. If you're still not sure if this game is right for you, check out its ⚙️features or 📊compare our games to other online Patience games. If you have your own website and want to integrate these card games, you may use our 📋widget builder to do so.

We hope you enjoy playing Patience, Klondike, and Classic Solitaire, a free online card game. If you enjoy this game, you should also try Spider and FreeCell, which are both available for free.

Game was last updated: 23 Jan, 2022.

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Download Klondike (turn one) for free

This classic game is available for free download on Windows™, Mac™, Linux™, Android™, and iOS™. Download now to have the game with you at all times, or play for free online.

⚙️Features: There are a lot of features in these free games

You won't find another game with as many features as ours. Under options, you may toggle audio, turn three cards, and much more. You can always download the app if you want to play offline.

You can speed up the game by using a few hotkeys. To start a new game, press [N], [H] to offer a hint, and [U] to undo a move.

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Play for free

In both the online and offline versions of the game, you can play for free.

Play game automatically


Autoplay When the game is obvious or won, the game is automatically replayed. Under settings, you can toggle options on and off.

Free solitare hints

Solitare hints

Stuck? Allow the game to offer you a suggestion on your next move by pressing the hint buttons.

Optimized for iOS, iPad and Mac

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This game is suitable for all screen sizes. From a little smartphone screen to a huge desktop display.

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With custom-made cards for mobile and PC, you may enjoy these classic games in a gorgeous design.

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If you play a lot, you'll like our hotkeys, which allow you to play more quickly.

Lots of settings in our free solitare

Lots of settings

Under settings, you can adjust sound, auto-move, deck, animation speed, and a lot more.

Unlimited undos

Undo's are available indefinitely

Never be scared to take a step forward. There's plenty of room for regret when you have unlimited undos.

Download game for offline play

Play the game offline by downloading it

You can download the game to play it offline or to have it on hand at all times.

solitare online review

The best free Klondike game I've ever played on the internet. It's even compatible with smartphones and tablets!

Manal Fritz

online Klondike review

Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell are three games. They're all fantastic! Games that are worth playing!

Rudy Huff

📜The rules of solitaire are as follows: Learn how to play this timeless game

The setup:

From one to seven, the tableau piles are numbered. One card is in the first pile, two in the second, and so on. Each tableau's top card is flipped face up, while the cards below it are turned face down. After the cards have been transferred to the tableau, the remaining cards are laid face down on the stock. Both the garbage and the foundations have no cards on them at the start.

The objective:

All of the cards must finish up in the foundation piles to win this game. The foundation piles are arranged according to their suit and rank. Each foundation contains a single suit, and cards must be placed in the correct order on the foundation (ace, one, two, etc). The player can use the moves listed below to get cards to the foundations.


  • Move cards from stock to waste: You have the option of flipping one or three cards from the stock to the waste. The quantity can be customized in the options section.
  • Move a card from waste to a foundation: If the card's rank and suit are correct, you can move it from the garbage to the foundation.
  • Move a card from waste to a tableau: If the card's rank and suit are correct, you can move it from the garbage to the foundation.
  • Move a card from the foundation back to the tableau: You can return a card from the foundation to the tableau if necessary.
  • Move one or more cards from one tableau to another: If the rank of the first card in the pile is one higher than the tableau you're going to and the color is the opposite of the card being moved, you can move one or more cards from one tableau to another.
  • You can move a tableau card onto the foundations: You have the option of doing it manually or allowing it to happen automatically. This can be changed in the options section.

Time & moves:

The game tracks how long it takes to complete the game and how many moves it takes. Up in the right corner of the game, you can observe the time and movement. You can also choose to disable time and movement tracking. This can be done in the settings menu.


The scoring system utilized is the same as that used in Microsoft's WindowsTM games. A table of the results can be seen below:

Waste to tableau5
Waste to foundation10
Tableau to foundation10
Turn over tableau card5
Foundation to tableau-15

You will receive 10 points if you move a card from the rubbish to the foundation. If you move it to a tableau first, then to a foundation, you'll get an extra 5 points, for a total of 15 points. As a result, you should always move cards from the garbage to a tableau before moving them to the foundation in order to maximize your score.

We recommend watching the following YouTube video for a more in-depth explanation of the rules.


Finally, a free online klondike game that works flawlessly across all screen sizes and resolutions.

Edwin Cortes


There are a lot of possibilities and the gameplay is fantastic. This game has everything. All of the games are also free!

Elmer Murray

📊Online card games: A comparison of free Patience games

We think we've created the best free card games available. You can check how we compare to other online patience games in the table below. Please let us know if you think our game is lacking a feature that one of the other free games has.

If you've ever wondered whether our game is superior to cardgames io other AARP games, now is your opportunity to find out. World of Solitaire, 247 games, and the Microsoft Solitaire Collection are some of the most popular Patience games available, but they can't compare to ours.

Modern designDownload availableLots of optionsMobile friendlyTablet friendly
Online Solitaire free gamesYesYesYesYesYes
AARP Games alternativeAARP GamesNoYesNoNoNo
World of Solitire alternativeWorld of SolitareNoNoNoNoYes
MSN games alternative MSN Free GamesNoYesNoNoNo
Microsoft Games Collection alternativeMicrosoft Solitre CollectionNoNoNoNoYes
Freecell 123 alternativeFreecell 123NoNoNoNoNo
Green Felt free cell alternativeGreen Felt FreeCellNoNoNoNoNo
Churchill Klondike alternativeChurchill SolitaireNoNoNoYesNo
Fairway Patience alternativeFairway KlondikeNoNoNoNoNo
247 Games alternative247 GamesYesNoNoNoNo
Cardgames io alternativeCardgames ioNoNoNoNoNo
Mobilityware alternativeMobilitywareNoNoNoNoNo
www solitr com alternativeSolitrNoNoNoNoYes

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Choose from a variety of games

We've created more than simply Klondike, so if you're weary of the original patience game, give one of our other variations a try. Please let us know if you have a favorite variation of patience that we haven't yet created.

Spider game icon

Spider card game

This is one of the most popular versions of the game in the globe. Unlike klondike, which is played with only one deck of cards, this game is played with two decks. This makes the experience more difficult.

Spider game
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Many people believe that this is the most balanced version of all the patience games available. Unlike many other games, practically every game can be won. This results in a significantly more relaxed experience.

Classic solitaire free game