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Play a free alternative to Microsoft Solitaire. ✅Unlimited Solitaire, Spider and FreeCell. ✅No registration required. ✅Classic online solitaire card game.

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection, also known as just Microsoft Solitaire or msn solitaire, is a great collection of Microsoft solitaire games. They consist of both the Microsoft daily challenge, Microsoft klondike solitaire and Microsoft freecell and are available for windows 7 and windows 10. You might be thinking to yourself "how do i restore Microsoft solitaire collection?" or "how do i reinstall Microsoft solitaire collection", but why install Microsoft solitaire games when you can play solitaire online!

  • Better than the Microsoft collection: When you play solitaire, spider or freecell on our site, you don't even download. Play a great alternative to the Microsoft card games you know and love.
  • A nicer design than Microsoft solitair: Microsoft solitaire's are generally known to work well, but they have an old design. If you're looking to play Microsoft freecell or Microsoft spider solitaire, then why not play a solitaire online with a crisp new design instead!
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solitaire collection review

I've played the Microsoft solitaire free games before, but I was never truly happy with them. I've finally found a solitire game I like better than the Microsoft card games!

Christian Howell

Microsoft solitaire collection review

I've had the solitaire collection premium from the Microsoft collection, but I like these games here much better.

Bertie Jensen

🆚Microsoft solitaire comparison: How doe online solitiare compare to Microsoft solitaire online?

You might be wondering "is Microsoft solitaire collection free?". The answer is yes, but they aren't free of ads. The Microsoft solitaire collection free online contains a lot of great free Microsoft games, such as Microsoft spider solitaire online, spider solitaire 2 suits, spider solitaire 4 suits, Microsoft freecell and of course Microsoft online solitaire. You might want the old windows 7 spider solitaire for windows 10, but why download them when they're you can play free online solitaire. Below we've made a comparison between the Microsoft solitaire collection games, also known as Microsoft sol, and our online solitaire collection. No matter if you choose to play Microsoft's ms solitaire or you choose to play solitaire free on our site, we hope you enjoy these old card games.

Microsoft solitaire windows 7 alternative

You know the old Microsoft solita games, but have you ever tried our online card games? They're free and give you unlimited gameplays.

Microsoft solitaire collection windows 7

You might know the Microsoft solitaire daily challenge, but you should try one of our 10000+ free games.

Microsoft solitaire collection games

You might be asking yourself "does windows 10 come with spider solitaire". Windows 10 comes with free solitaire games, but they don't have as nice a design as online solitaire.

spider solitaire windows alternative

Microsoft's spider solitaire provides a lot of great features, but the windows spider solitaire aren't as grout as our online spider solitaire games.

Microsoft games solitaire freecell alternative

You can play solitaire collection free many places, but with us you have an ad-free option.

games Microsoft solitaire freecell

The Microsoft solitaire free collection is a nice one that only gets better when played online. Try out nice version of freecell solitaire.