FreeCell Guide: Tips on How to Win FreeCell

Unlike Solitaire and Spider Solitaire, there is no element of luck in the game of FreeCell. FreeCell is an open-faced game, which means that all the cards of the game are face up from the very beginning of the game. So unlike other solitaire games, there are no hidden cards that might surprise you during the game and throw off your strategy.

On top of that, almost every game of FreeCell can be won, with the exception of a handful of games, so if you're having a hard time winning a game, chances are that the game is winnable, and you just need to try harder. This aspect of the game makes it the most liked solitaire game for a lot of people.

Let's look at some of the best tips and tricks you can apply to win at FreeCell:

1. Learn the game before you begin

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This probably doesn't need to be mentioned, but if it's a long time since you last played the game, you can go through our guide on how to play FreeCell.

2. Create an empty spot on the tableau as soon as possible

Empty spots are even more valuable than free cells since a whole pile of cards can be stored on them. On top of that, having an empty spot on the tableau lets you move an even bigger sequence of cards than you would be able to with just the free cells.

3. Keep your free cells empty

Free cells are a super fun aspect of FreeCell. They are very useful and add a strategic element to the game. The negative aspect of using a free cell is that you can't move sequences of cards as big as when all free cells are empty. So try to keep your free cells empty unless you have no other option. Try to see them as a last resort.

4. Think before you move cards to the foundation

You might be tempted to move cards to the foundation whenever possible, but that might stop you from creating sequences down the road.

5. Give priority to Aces and Deuces

Do your best to free up the Aces and Deuces (also called Two's) that are hidden below the other cards. Move them to the foundation whenever possible. Even if you have to move a card or two to a free cell, it might be worth it still.

6. Become friends with the undo button

If you're playing on your computer, you're undoubtedly familiar with the undo button. In FreeCell you might come to a dead end, in which case the undo button is your best friend. You can undo as much as you want, which means you can go back to a point in the game where you see the possibility of going down another road.

7. Think before you act

This might go without saying, but if you're like me, you get caught up in the game and end up making some bad choices. FreeCell is an open-faced card game, so technically, you should be able to see a few moves ahead.

Final thoughts

That's all the tips and tricks we have for FreeCell Solitaire. Hopefully, you feel more well-equipped to win the game now. If you have a tip that you want to share or have some feedback, please let us know at Last but not least, you should try out your new skill with a game of FreeCell.