Greenfelt Solitaire Alternative: Play Solitaire, Spider & Freecell

Play a free alternative to Green Felt. ✅Play Solitaire, Spider and FreeCell. ✅No registration required. ✅Classic online solitaire card game.

Green Felt solitaire, which is also known as Green Felt, have some awesome card games. We've taken the best features from their klondike Green Felt and freecell solitaire Green Felt, to make an even better solitaire Green Felt version. Play all these great Green Felt solitaire alternatives stright from your browser. All of our card games, including our klondike Green Felt alternative and our freecell green alternative are free to play online. We've taken the liberty to compare Green Felt with our site below. See what you think yourself.

  • Newer design than freecell Green Felt and better gameplay: The freecell solitaire Green Felt has a lot of things going for it, but it's design could use a revamp.
Play klondike Green Felt alternative
klondike solitaire Green Felt review

I'm a fan of the old klondike solitaire Green Felt. So much that I'd call it a Greenfelt addiction. Ever since I tried the freecell classic games on this site, I playing freecell solitaire even more!

Iris Galloway

Green Felt freecell review

I've been playing the freecell Green Felt free games for a while now. I like them, but I like the free online freecell on this site even more.

Myron Oneill

🆚Green Felt comparison: How does the Green Felt solitaire games stack up against online solitiare?

We've taken the best features from the Green Felt solitaire games and implemented them into our site. See how out site compares to the Green Felt games.

klondike solitaire card game Green Felt alternative

Comparisons are always hard and comparing klondike solitaire Green Felt to the card games on this site is no different. If you enjoy a newer design, please try our 3 turn Green Felt solitaire alternative.

free klondike solitaire screenshot

The klondike solitaire Green Felt turn 3 shown in the image above is an awesome card game. We like it so much, we've taken all the best features from Greenfelt net klondike and implemented them into our games.

Green Felt spider solitaire one suit screenshot

You've probably tried spider solitaire - Green Felt two suit or Green Felt spider solitaire one suit. We think we've made some of the best spider games out there.

solitaire Green Felt solitaire screenshot

Take our spider Green Felt alternative for a ride below. We think our revamped design gives a much clearer gameplay compared to Green Felt spider.

free cell Green Felt alternative

If you like the free cell card game as much as we do, you've probably tried a few. We've played the Green Felt freecell ourselves and we've taken the best features from that game and implemented it into the freecell games on this site.

Green Felt freecell screenshot

Greenfelt have definitely made a nice freecell green game, but if you try our free freecell game, we're sure you'll end up playing freecell even more.