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Play a free alternative to Google Solitaire. Play Solitaire, Spider and FreeCell. ✅No registration required. ✅Classic online solitaire card game.

Google has a lot of fun small projects. One of their most fun projects is their Google Solitaire game. We've taken all the best features from Google Solitaire and improved on it so it's become even better. You can play all of our solitaire games online for free.

  • Better than Google Solitaire: Give our solitaire game a try and you'll experience a more smooth gameplay and a more crisper design.
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Google Solitaire games freecell review

After playing on Online Solitaire I just can't go back to Google Solitaire.

Judie Rafe

Google Solitaire spider review

Google Solitaire is great, but Online Solitaire is sooo much better.

Brock Geoffrey

🆚A Google Solitaire comparison: Let's see how Google Solitaire compares with Online Solitaire?

If you like Google Solitaire we feel confident that you'll love Online Solitaire. We've taken all the best features from Google Solitaire, improved on them and implemented them into our games. You can see the comparison below.

	solitaire free game alternative

Compared to Google Solitaire, our games features bigger cards, which greatly improves the gameplay experience.

google solitaire games screenshot

Above you'll see the Google Solitaire game, which you've probably already tried. Try out our games for an even better experience.

Google spider solitaire 2 suit screenshot

Our games feature more than just Klondike Solitaire. Try out our Spider Solitaire for a more challenges gameplay.

free spider solitaire Google screenshot

Google doesn't feature the spider solitaire games, even though they're classic solitaire games.

play freecell Google alternative

Give Freecell a try for a less challenging gaming experience. With this game you're more sure to win the game.

freecell Google solitaire screenshot

Sadly Google doesn't feature the classic Freecell Solitaire game.