AARP Solitaire Alternative: Play Solitaire, Spider & Freecell

Play a free alternative to the AARP games. ✅Play Solitaire, Spider and FreeCell. ✅No registration required. ✅Classic online solitaire card game.

AARP Solitaire, also known as AARP games, have some of the best card games out there. The website let's you play AARP spider solitaire, AARP klondike solitaire and AARP freecell. You can play all these free solitaire ARRP games from their website and they're all free to play. We think the AARP card games are lacking in certain features, which is why we think you should try out our free online games. If you're in the mood to play spider, why not try out our AARP spider alternative. If freecell is your game of choice, then check out our AARP freecell alternative. See how our free online games compare to the AARP games below.

  • Less ads and better gameplay: Playing solitaire AARP you're going to see a lot of ads. Playing out AARP klondike solitaire alternative, you will have the option to hide all ads.
  • Gameplay in a bitter window: All of AARP's solitaire games are played in a small window.
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AARP review

I used to play the AARP free games, but once I got to play the awesome online games on this site, I was hooked!

Iris Galloway

AARP pyramid review

I've been playing the spider AARP game, but now I'm playing spider soitaire on this site. I really like how I can play in a big window.

Myron Oneill

🆚AARP free online games comparison: How does the AARP classic solitaire games stack up against online solitiare?

You've probably been playing the AARP free games, but you're tired of the small window and all the ads. See how Online Solitaire compare to the AARP free card games below.

free AARP solitaire klondike alternative

Compare to AARP games solitaire, our games are ad-free and can be played in full screen. The AARP free solitaire and AARP pyramid solitaire are all available here in alternative versions.

free AARP klondike screenshot

We like the games that are available at AARP, but when it comes to klondike solitaire. nothing beats our online card games. So why not go ahead any play free solitaire games now.

spider solitaire play online screenshot

Playing spider on here, you can play both spider solitaire 2 suits and spider solitaire 4 suits. All these spider solitaire games are free to play on this site.

AARP spider screenshot

This spider solitaire game is the classic spider game you know. Now you can play a great AARP spider solitaire online for free.

AARP freecell alternative

We know you like the AARP freecell games. So do we. That's why we've taken all the good stuff from AARP's freecell games and implemented them in our card games.

free freecell game screenshot

Playing freecell online only gets better, the more options you have. The AARP games can only be played in a small window, whereas you can play free cell in a large window on this site.