Now you can compete against the world when playing solitaire. In my latest version of solitaire, you can see how your country is doing compared to other countries... in real-time!

It's an offshoot of the latest leaderboard functionality that lets you enter your name into the daily leaderboard to see how you stack up against others. As a fun gimmick, I've designed the leaderboard, so it doesn't only function as a personal leaderboard but also as a leaderboard for countries.

Daily leaderboards for countries

If you're asking yourself, "Is this useful?" the resounding answer is probably "No!". But it's a fun little gimmick that adds a bit of competition between the different countries.

You can play a game of solitaire and see the country leaderboard change in real-time at: You can also play a game of classic solitaire and press the "Leaderboard" button under "More" to see the daily country leaderboard.