Hello there, all my fellow solitaire enthusiasts!

I created Online Solitaire years back because I've always loved Solitaire games and still do, for that matter. I vividly remember spending my childhood summers playing Solitaire in my family's summer house. The only thing that beats that memory is the memory of playing Gin Rummy and Hearts with my family on warm summer nights.

That's why I'm delighted to announce that World of Card Games is joining the Online Solitaire family. Online Solitaire is the go-to solitaire site for thousands of people, and World of Card Games is beloved by just as many for its multiplayer card games.

Not everyone who loves Solitaire games likes multiplayer card games and the other way around, but I'm sure there are loads of people who'd love a break from playing  Solitaire to play a game of Spades or Euchre.

Currently the site offers 5 different card games: Hearts, Spades, Euchre, Gin Rummy, Double Deck Pinochle, Three Five Eight (Sergeant Major) and Twenty-Nine. You choose to play by yourself against the computer, with other people online, and you can even create a private table to invite your friends to play.

You can access the most popular games under the "All games" dropdown menu to the top left, or you can click "All games", which will lead you to a section that contains all the games on the site, including the games listed above.

I'm excited about this new chapter for Online Solitaire and look forward to seeing what it'll bring. So please try out one of the games on World of Card Games and let me know what you think!